Ancient Past

by Third Nature

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released August 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Third Nature Asheville, North Carolina

Third Nature brings sophistication to live dance music, infusing it with driving hip-hop grooves, thoughtful lyrics, rock energy and sultry electronic textures. Members Merrick Noyes, Will Dowling, and Tom Best started Third Nature in 2004. They met vocalist Lilly-Anne Merat in 2013 and since then, she has brought soulful lyricism and a new style to the band’s jam-oriented sound. ... more

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Track Name: Lost For Now
Patience takes me slowly,
You're out the door.
I Wonder if I know you from before.
It seems as though our paths have crossed,
I take my time and now you're lost,
Lost for now but not forevermore.
Track Name: Umnumshibai
Track Name: Crystalline Palace
Demons of infinite malice
Hack, burn, destroy, try to get inside
Your immaculate, crystalline palace,
But you can't let them inside.
Track Name: Lift Me Up
I feel the warmth, feel the warmth of your body with me.
It's been so long since we've felt this together and free.
I feel the warmth, feel the warmth of the sun and your hand.
I feel at one, feel at one with the sea and the sand.

You lift me up out of my body.
Floating into sky, we disappear.
You and I becoming one body,
Manifesting love, destroying fear.

The truth comes from the stars and to me through your stare.
It lifts me up, tears me down, I try not to be scared.
The truth comes from the earth and to me through your kiss.
To be with you today is such unrelenting bliss.


Where are you now?
I need someone to hold,
Show me how
You can keep me from this cold.
It's you who holds the spark that lights
The flame in my soul
And lets our hearts take flight.

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Meandher
She and I meander through the sea
Of hopes, emotions, pieces of me.
Floating ever further from the shore,
Deeper than I've ever been before.

Follow floating flowers toward the land,
Greeted by a goddess, take her hand.
Running through the forest and the field,
The taste of honey, all that love can yield.