Slow It Down

by Third Nature

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Dr. Beaf I love electronic music when a midi sequencer and drum machine isn't prioritised for the likes of musicians. Femme tenor vocals is Sia like and very suiting. Easy music to listen to. Favorite track: Nightvision.
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released October 17, 2015

All Tracks Written, Performed & Engineered by Third Nature

Mastered by Anthony Thogmartin



all rights reserved


Third Nature Asheville, North Carolina

Third Nature brings sophistication to live dance music, infusing it with driving hip-hop grooves, thoughtful lyrics, rock energy and sultry electronic textures. Members Merrick Noyes, Will Dowling, and Tom Best started Third Nature in 2004. They met vocalist Lilly-Anne Merat in 2013 and since then, she has brought soulful lyricism and a new style to the band’s jam-oriented sound. ... more

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Track Name: Purpose
Unsure of yourself
And your heart is shaking.
You say that you can't go,
but the world is waiting.
There's so much you can do
And only you can do it.
You hold the power of the world
If you only knew it.

When you feel the fire burn,
Embers in your heart.
Looking for a place to turn,
Wonder who you are.
Emptiness is filled with love and light to show you how.
You have found your purpose now.

When doubt, like a cloud,
Comes in and blocks out the light.
Someone has clipped your wings,
Shot you down in flight.
Remember you're not not alone,
Use your voice and sing.
You hold the power of the world,
You can do anything.
Track Name: Widen Your Scope
Stuck in your ways, lost in a grand illusion.
Wishing you could see the truth beyond the lies.
Finding your own grace, avoiding quick solutions.
It's there before you, just open your eyes.
Sometimes when you think you're gonna lose,
Feel that there's something you've gotta prove,
It messes with your mind, skews your point of view,
You're losing hope inside, what can you do?

Find the strength to let in the light.
You can trust in hope.
Draw the blinds within your mind,
And widen your scope.

Searching within, allow the pedals to unfold.
They drift away to reveal an open heart.
Shedding your own skin, avoiding all the truths untold.
The path is yours, you know where to start.
You must become acquainted with your soul,
Where mind and body become whole.
You've scratched the surface, now go below.
The deeper the depths, the more you know.
Track Name: Sense
Sensing you, sensing me too,
Even though I can't see you.
I feel you now through the air somehow,
Even though I can't see you.

Through closed eyes it slowly comes to view.
The sound of silence sings inside of you.
Letting go of what you think you know,
An empty mind has room to grow.

I look for you, it's all I can do.
I cannot stop until I find you.
You're up above I know, my love.
You're all around, I can feel you

You're in the air.
You're everywhere.
I follow wherever you go.
Even though I can't see you.
Track Name: Slow It Down
It's time to get back down to Earth.
I can feel it in my bones, for what it's worth.
Let your mind just drift away,
So you can return to your body.
Calm your mind and cool you head,
Listen to your heart instead.
Let the beat drown out the sound.
Of a million minds, can't find the time to slow it down.

The more you search, the less you'll find
All your thoughts can make you blind
To the things you already know
Hidden deep within your soul.

The water is cloudy far from shore.
In silent stillness, sand will settle to the floor.
It's time to swim and find the land.
For peace and your release await you in the sand.
Plant your feet and clear your head
Don't let your instincts be mislead
By all the facts you think you know
Because the wisest words come from the Earth to help you grow.

The more you search, the less you'll find
All your thoughts can make you blind
To the things you already know
Hidden deep within your soul.
A thousand thoughts get in the way.
The conscious mind it has too much to say.
It'll keep you running around.
Unless you find the time to slow it down.